Conor Heun - Friday, January 23, 2009
So I was bumbed out this morning, it was the third morning that I woke up pretty much unable to walk.  I got caught in a vaporizer on Monday night when I was rolling with Eddie Bravo.  I didn't feel it at the time but he got me pretty good and I woke up super stiff and unable to walk.  My right leg was about 1 1/2 times the size of my left one.  I went to the gym this morning anyway and brought my new friend Matt up there with me.  After the lesson Eddie started doing belt promotions.  I had gone to the locker room to change as I wasn't able to roll live due to my leg being all jacked up.  My buddy Einstein said to come back out to the mat because he thought he was getting promoted and wanted me to hold the camera to take his picture.  As it turns out, it wasn't Einstein who was getting the promotion.

Eddie handed over my brown belt this morning after 3 years and three months of my dedication to the 10th planet system.  I felt a great sense of accomplishment but also felt that I wasn't ready to be a brown belt.  As I sat back and thought about it as the day progressed I sort of wrapped my mind around it and realized that I really had earned it.  It was the fastest promotion to Brown Belt in the history of the 10th Planet system (to the best of my knowledge).  I definitely owe my teamates a big thank you for all the work they have all done with me on my path.  I have been very lucky to be surrounded by great people along the way and have a great family behind me that has supported me in every way.

Be on the lookout because the journey is nowhere near over, this is just the begining. 

"We Takin' Ova!"